Frequently Asked Questions

How does a business access Impact Plus advisory services?

Businesses contact an Impact Plus member who will provide the services or coordinate contact with Impact Plus advisors.  

How do Impact Plus advisors determine which services a client requires?

We often help ‘solve the problem’ during the initial meeting, but for more complex challenges your Impact Plus point of contact will be available to meet with your managers and clients to determine the support required.   

What’s the relationship between Impact Plus and Impact Innovation Group?

Impact Plus is an initiative and trademark of the Impact Innovation Group.

Does Impact Plus only provide services to members’ clients?

While the purpose of Impact Plus membership is to support your client services, Impact Innovation Group can also support your own internal innovation and technology commercialisation activities. 

Impact Innovation Group provides similar services directly to our own clients when they are not clients of Impact Plus members.  

Why do members include Impact Plus branding in proposals and tenders?

It’s a benefit of membership to leverage the reputation and expertise of Impact Plus when submitting proposals to new clients or tender opportunities. Impact Plus can also help with appropriate wording for these occasions.   

Can members on-charge your services?

We work for our members, not directly with their clients unless it will add value, reduce time lags or enhance negotiations. Members retain all relationships with their clients, including invoicing. Members decide if they will on-charge Impact Plus services.    

What are the fees and rates charged to Impact Plus members?

We discuss the appropriate level of membership and fee-for-service rates when finalising membership arrangements. Members can choose to on-charge these fees. 

As a member, do I introduce you to our clients?

We often need to interact with your clients but we do not have contractual relations with them. Our relationship is with you and our reports and discussions are with you. We work with you to establish protocols for interacting with your clients that are mutually acceptable for all concerned.  

Which states and countries do you operate in?

Impact Plus operates across Australia and in China. We draw on our networks in other Asian countries and we are progressively engaging with Licensees to establish a presence across South and South-East Asia. Impact Plus is not exclusive to the APAC region and welcomes interest from other parts of the world.