Give your clients greater value when they ask for authentic advice about innovation-led growth.

How do you respond when clients ask for authentic advice about innovation-led growth and market disruption?

As an Impact Plus member, your clients can have access to the know-how of experienced, specialist innovation and commercialisation practitioners who have:

  • designed and implemented innovation systems for many organisations across multiple industries, with demonstrated impact.

  • transformed businesses developing industry-first products, services and business models.

  • successfully engaged internal stakeholders to generate a higher return on innovation investment.

  • designed open innovation programs for some of the world’s largest multinationals.

  • raised multimillion-dollar seed rounds for startup and spinout companies.

  • built and exited technology-based businesses with positive ROI.

  • successfully introduced university research discoveries, technologies and IP into enterprises disrupting global markets.

  • effectively managed university R&D teams and commercialised the outcomes.  

How it works

Impact Plus members save money, time and effort not having to on-board their own generalist innovation advisors to serve every client’s needs. Instead, they tap into the wealth of expertise at Impact Plus to offer their clients specialist innovation and commercialisation advice only when it’s required. It’s a membership model, and as an Impact Plus member you receive*: 

  • Access to additional skills and expertise as and when you need them

  • Professional service from an Impact Plus advisor matched to your client’s situation

  • A dedicated Impact Plus person to contact and coordinate transactions

  • Tailored training to improve the ability of your staff to service emerging and high growth organisations

  • Tools and methodologies to identify innovation-related risk, gaps and opportunities

  • Activities like seminars and webinars to engage meaningfully with your clients about innovation topics

  • Marketing materials to position your organisation as a full service advisory firm.

Your client works with you, and we work with you both as needed, depending on what kind of advice and services they need. You bill them and we bill you.